Would You Love To Be Part Of A Pioneering Group Of Visionary Women Intent On Creating Powerful Positive Change In The World?

The Change Makers' 9 Month Mastermind Group With Mandy Muckalt
  • Do you care deeply about a pressing issue in your workplace, in society, or facing the whole of humanity and want to do something about it?
  • Does your vision for change uplift and inspire you whilst at the same time leave you feeling that it is too big to handle?
  • Are you feeling isolated by the senior or public position you hold and long to connect with a group of like-minded pioneering women where you can build community and belong?
  • Do you have moments of secret self doubt and overwhelm that stop you from taking action and claiming all that you are and all that you’re here to do in the world?

Answers of YES to these questions are a sign that you are being called to step-up in your leadership, connect with others and transform what’s in the way of you leading in a more expansive and powerful way.

You are getting READY! Ready to CHANGE THE WORLD!

The truth is that the world is changing rapidly right now and there are many pressing issues facing humanity. Which issue speaks personally to you? Is it the unhealthy culture in your workplace? Is it anxiety and depression amongst the young people in your society? Is it climate change or the rich-poor divide? Whatever it is that is calling your heart, your love and leadership are desperately needed. No-one else has your unique blend of experience and genius. No-one else can contribute and make a difference in quite the same way as you.

Mandy Muckalt’s Mastermind is a 9 month programme for pioneering International Female Leaders like you to gather and learn to embrace their power, harness their passion and master the ways of being they need to bring their vision into reality and create the new beginnings which the world is crying out for right now. The Programme is a response to the gap in the professional world for powerful women to gather, create and step into their full leadership potential in an authentic loving way.

What makes this programme stand apart is the emphasis on building a strong foundation upon which your vision can land in a balanced way to give it full opportunity to unfold and flourish into truly transformational change. This foundation starts with you and over decades of personal and professional experience of change I’ve developed an approach called Loving Change which comprises 9 core principles to support an integrated and sustainable transformation experience. When you are creating a change that will positively influence thousands if not millions of people, an originating energy of love is a wonderful vibration to spread in the world. That originating energy is yours to generate. The power is in your hands and I am here to help you express and expand a way of creating large scale transformation out into the world in a loving way.

Your vision has a deeply significant purpose in the evolution of our planet.


Why Women Leaders Like You Join This Mastermind
  • Because you are moved at a deep level by one of the many crises happening in the world right now and want to use your position, power, particular area of expertise to make a bigger difference than your current situation allows
  • To free yourself from the isolation trap that visionary leaders often find themselves in and to connect with other future thinkers so that there is a group container within which to nurture and build your vision as you make the huge difference in the world you know you are here to make
  • To feel safe sharing your vulnerabilities openly, honestly and in total confidence, something that is hard to do in your current environment, and receive the encouragement, guidance and support you need to bring about your visionary change
  • To learn to express fully and authentically, no longer holding back, playing small or pretending you are anything other than the visionary leader that you are
  • To build such a level of foundational inner strength and confidence that your presence can’t help but become a beacon of inspiration and hope for others as you create a movement in your workplace, in society or in the world
Here’s What’s Available For You To Learn on This Mastermind
  • How to be fully you, an irresistible force of magnetic attraction, who can influence easily and successfully for your cause as you touch others deeply with your presence
  • How to move through any feelings of overwhelm triggered by the enormity of what it is you feel you are here to do for the world
  • How to transform hidden inner blocks and resistance to fulfilling your leadership potential
  • How to be sovereign with your own vision whilst giving and receiving support with other group members in a truly pioneering way
  • How to apply The Loving Change Approach as you step into your magnificence so that you take care of yourself and ensure that your vision arises from a strong inner foundation and expands out into the world with ease and flow
What Makes This Mastermind Different From Others
  • Leaders in any domain are welcome…business, healthcare, education, sport, spirituality, entrepreneurism, social enterprise
  • You can show up exactly as you are. If you are struggling to put yourself out there and be seen as the leader you know is within, or finding it hard to connect fully to the vision calling you from within, I am here to support you in moving through these and other challenges
  • You will gain clarity and take purposeful action each and every day towards bringing your vision into reality because I will help you connect deeply to the part of you that feels and sees very clearly what needs to happen and when
  • You will access a deeper intelligence in yourself and in each other that goes beyond problem-solving and enables truly miraculous potentials and possibilities to emerge
  • You will benefit from the unique skill I have in creating and holding a multidimensional group space where magic happens as all group members draw on the supportive bigger-picture energies available to us from each other, from the planet and from the universe, to truly mobilise your visions for the highest evolutionary purpose and collective good of all
Here’s How the Mastermind is Delivered
  • Weekly Group Mentoring Calls where you will be able to ask me your questions and receive my guidance live each week. As each group is home for just four to six women you will quickly bond and form deep connections with others in your group, making you feel safe to talk about both the successes and challenges that arise
  • Three Mastermind In-Person Training Days provide an opportunity for Mastermind members to come together in a supportive environment. Each member is given time during the day to acknowledge their progress and talk about their biggest challenges so that they can be supported by the group to find the best way through. At these valuable events, members are able to identify their focus of attention for the next 90 days and connect to the purposeful actions they need to take to move things forward
  • Ongoing Dedicated Private Support Group where you can post questions at any time and receive support from myself and my team, as well as connect with other Mastermind members
  • Three 1:1 90 minute Mentoring Calls with Mandy Muckalt. You can take these calls with me at any time during the Programme. In these sessions, you will be able to work through and shift any deeper blocks that are currently holding you back and gain individual attention with any area you require support
You’ll Also Receive These Amazing Bonuses
  • Bonus 1: Complimentary attendance at Mandy’s Annual Breathing Space Retreat
  • Bonus 2: An opportunity to participate in Torbert’s Leadership Development Framework profile based on the pioneering work of Bill Torbert plus a debriefing session with Mandy to help you understand how you make meaning of your experiences and the implication this can have on your leadership and your experience of bringing about pioneering change
Ready To Take Your LEADERSHIP To The Next Level?

If you are ready to step into your full leadership potential and be part of a pioneering movement to create positive change in the world, then book in a call with me to discuss joining the Mastermind Programme. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.