The 10 Weeks Transformational Journey Back To You Group Programme With Mandy Muckalt

Reclaim Yourself And Lead With Soul


The next voyage of Journey Back To You will begin in Autumn 2018.

  • Are you a female leader who feels like you’ve lost yourself amidst all the plates you’re spinning in work and life, the roles you play, and the expectations you’re trying to meet (including your own)?
  • Do you sense there’s a transition brewing in your life which is calling you to express more soulfully through your work and way of being in the world, if only you had the confidence and knowhow?
  • Whilst outwardly it looks like you have life sorted and under control, deep down do you secretly feel unsettled, out of alignment and in need of some help?

Busy female leaders, whilst seeking to make a positive contribution in the world, can often lose themselves in the relentless demands and responsibilities of their work and life. They can feel like the hamster-on-the-wheel, trapped running round in circles, not knowing how to get off or what they truly want, yet sensing the call of the new with increasing urgency.

If you can relate to this, it is YOU that I have designed The 10 Week Transformational Journey Back To You Programme for. I have heard your wish for inner calm and spaciousness, deeper connection in all your relationships (including and especially the one you have with you), and fuller more soulful expression in your work and in your life. I want to help you acknowledge this call, gather your inner resources, and learn the skills to cultivate and act on it.

Most of all I want to help you come home to you from where-ever you have wandered because when you are at home within yourself you are magnificent in all areas of your work and life. It’s as simple as that.

Why Women Like You Join This Programme
  • To give yourself permission to devote time and energy to you, your fulfilment and your authentic expression in the world.
  • To rediscover deep self-trust and the confidence to communicate authentically with others.
  • To feel more centred, on-purpose and content than you’ve ever felt before.
  • To stand confidently in your leadership as a soulful female leader.
  • To navigate a transition and connect with a new dream for your work and life from deep within you.
  • To be part of a structured transformation process with a small group of like-minded women who become your professional and personal allies.
Here’s What’s Available For You To Learn on This Programme
  • How to gain awareness of what truly fulfils and calls you, and build the inner receptivity and alignment needed to live life and work expressing this.
  • How to free yourself from limited perceptions, emotional reactivity, and expectations and success-measures that aren’t real time or authentically yours.
  • How to be sovereign and lovingly powerful in your leadership role, and bring the fullness of all that you are into your work.
  • How to access your inner guidance and intuitive knowing so that you can make wise decisions, however complex your reality.
  • How to cultivate inner strength and steadiness through self love and becoming grounded and centred in your body, so that you can feel calm and confident inside amidst even the most uncertain and challenging of outer circumstances.
What Makes This Personal Leadership Programme Especially Valuable
  • We are pioneering a new way to generate and experience growth and transformation that is based on love and power co-existing. This is radical! It also leads to you claiming fully the soulful woman and leader that you are.
  • You have the benefit of an experienced professional mentor by your side, someone who has a wealth of experience of the worlds of business, personal transformation and authentic leadership in your own life and in your work.
  • The range of transformation techniques used includes cognitive, somatic and leading-edge energy psychology tools to align mind, body and soul. All the tools are easy for you to learn and apply post programme.
High Level Content By Module

The curriculum of Journey Back To You is organised into Modules around the two fundamental qualities of a reclaimed soulful woman, Unconditional Presence and Full Expression.


Unconditional Presence


Module 1: Meet Yourself Where You Are

This first module offers you the experience of stopping, listening to yourself and your life, and meeting you where you are right now, with love, compassion and honesty. It is the very best place to start. It is where you currently have ground and it is the place from which you can journey in an authentic way. It might be challenging, this face to face with reality starting point. In many ways it is easier to not stop, not listen, and instead keep up the constant motion by setting another future distant goal to work towards, or focussing on everyone else’s expectations of you. To stand still for a while and honestly say ‘Hey where am I in my work, my leadership, my life as a whole?’ without judgment, reaction and critique takes courage and is the first skill you will master in Journey Back To You. Sharing your realisations with other women in the group and listening to their own insights will be your first joy.


Module 2: Be Present In Your Body

Being present in your body is fundamental to you experiencing the fullness of who you are because your body is your home here on earth! When you are present in your body you get to feel the truth, and over time, with practise, can experience and enjoy many benefits…powerful presence, access to a broader intelligence which aids wise decision-making, a feeling of being comfortable in your own skin, a deeper awareness of what your physical body needs to thrive, and much more. Modern-day living, however, with its continual and unprecedented level of mental stimulation from the external environment, leaves us struggling to stay connected with our bodies, especially if we live or work in an urban environment. Instead we live in our heads! In module 2 we explore this, and you learn and experience practical and effective techniques to build relationship and connection with your body every day.


Module 3: Feel Your Feelings

The capacity to feel is a beautiful and intrinsic part of being human. Being present with your feelings without reacting or creating a story-based drama, and allowing them to pass through you, gives you a direct route back to you. It builds self-trust and also offers a pathway to unconditional presence. A core aspect of your capacity to feel rests in the connection to your own sweet heart so in this module you learn how to build an on-going relationship with your heart and listen to what it has to say. You also choose 1-3 vulnerability buddies to be your outside of programme inner circle and sharing team. These are people you trust and who you can share your feelings with over the remainder of the programme so that you weave your Journey Back To You experience into the fabric of your relationships and reality.


Module 4: Shine The Light On Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs about yourself and what you can do keep you stuck in your comfort zone and at a distance from your true leadership potential. They tend to keep you small and also generate on-going unhelpful orientations like striving to be perfect, self-editing, comparing yourself to others and self-judgment. All these orientations diminish your confidence in who you are and what you are capable of. They also diminish your impact in your work, your life, and the world. Module 4 helps you dig out limiting beliefs that you have about yourself, shine the light on them, and apply techniques to free you from them so that you can reclaim the powerful leader you are.


Module 5: Pause To Reflect And Integrate

Here we Pause in between the first and second aspects of the Programme, Unconditional Presence and Full Expression. Module 5 offers you space to reflect on where you are and what you have learned, catch up on any areas you haven’t yet completed, repeat modules or activities where you sensed there was more for you, and integrate all that has arisen so far. Also during this Pause week you may wish to listen to the two free bonus Masterclasses, “Clearing Your Energy Field” and “Aligning With Your Divinity” to pave the way for what is yet to come…clear and full expression.


Full Expression


Module 6: Align With Your Soul

I think of the soul simultaneously as the deepest most essential part of each of us, and our multi-dimensional vastness which connects us with all living beings. In the Journey Back To You, your soul is your biggest ally, and your ultimate ground and launch pad. In the 21st century world aligning with our soul and living a soulful life is the exception rather than the norm, and our societal systems currently aren’t set up to encourage and cultivate soul. So, in this landscape, how DO we align with our soul? Firstly we can work with the power of intention. Secondly we can notice when we feel on purpose, fulfilled, fully alive and ‘in’ love, and then make choices to move towards incorporating more of these experiences in our lives. This is our work in Module 6.


Module 7: Honour You

To honour yourself can be a foundational shift in the way you live your life. If done with integrity and an open heart, you honouring you harms no-one. Sometimes honouring yourself might feel like someone else loses out, especially if you carry conditioning around worthiness and deserving, but this is not true. A great paradox exists here because if you do honour you and put yourself first, you engage with others and the world from a place of fullness and overflow rather than lack and emptiness. This is good news for everyone. You are no longer serving ‘from an empty vessel’. Self-understanding and self-care are not selfish. They are your number one job! In Module 7 we use enquiry as a tool to explore your sacred standards and what honouring yourself means practically for you.


Module 8: Open To Receive

Receiving is a big topic and the subject of many schools of theological, psychological, philosophical thought. In the context of Journey Back To You, the aim of this module is to support you in receiving all that your essential nature wants you to receive at this moment in your life. The work you have been doing in this programme is already supporting you to receive through creating inner space, as you allow your feelings to pass through, release limiting beliefs and associated emotional patterns that have been blocking you, and clear energetic imprints. Now in Module 8 we take opening to receive into your physicality, in particular through experiential explorations of your body posture, positioning and way of moving through the world.


Module 9: Express All That You Are

Conditioning from many sources has taught a significant number of women to contract, hold themselves in, be unseen and unheard, beige in colour. It’s how the duality of the “not enough/too much” core belief plays out. Even if you think you are not affected by the hidden rules of the game of being a woman I urge you to think again. Conditioning can be quiet and deep but secretly run the whole ‘way I am in the world’ show. In this module you will connect with and experience the woman and leader you are without the self editing, holding back and playing small. We will explore your expression in its fullest sense, beyond verbal communication and speaking authentically, into the realms of your sensuality, how you move, the way you dress, how you feel. This expansion in our understanding of expression is our work in Module 9.


Module 10: Completion

Completion of Journey Back To You isn’t about being ‘finished’. It means you have been through a process which gives you access to the inner blue-print of your unconditional presence and full expression in the world, and all the associated benefits these bring for your leadership and your life. You now have the nourishment of our experience together as a group and a valuable pioneering toolkit of activations and exercises from which you can draw as you venture forth. In our final module together we experience and appreciate the woman you were at the outset of the programme, the woman you are now as you complete the programme, and the woman you will become post programme.

Here’s Exactly What’s Included
  • 10 weekly group mentoring calls with Mandy via Zoom video conferencing (almost like being together in real life). Each call is up to 90 minutes in duration with no more than 10 participants. Calls occur on Fridays – dates and times to be confirmed.
  • Audio recordings released ahead of the mentoring calls. These recordings, released on Monday morning and to be listened to before the group call on Friday, contain an overview of the theme of the Module, training input, activations and homework.
  • Written PDFs of the audio content released alongside the recordings to inspire the visual learners amongst you.
  • A 1:1 mentoring session with Mandy on Zoom of up to 60 minutes duration to be used at any time during the programme (value £500).
  • Weekly homework practises and reflections designed to promote insight, new habit formation and new ways of being in the world.
  • A full course manual of 100 pages released at the end of the course.
You’ll Also Receive These Wonderful Bonuses 
  • BONUS 1: “Clear Your Energy Field” recorded audio class with Mandy
  • BONUS 2: “Align With Your Divinity” recorded audio class with Mandy

The bonuses support you energetically to reclaim yourself and lead with soul.

Investment For Your Journey Back To You
  • Option 1: £1,500 as one total payment in full
  • Option 2: £825 followed by £825 in one month (Total £1,650)
  • Option 3: £600 followed by £600 for two months (Total £1,800)
About Mandy

I’m an experienced facilitator and mentor with a passion for supporting professional women to live their fullest expression and potential in their work and in the world. A former fast-paced, make-it-happen, reactive, over-achiever, I now advocate unconditional presence and full authentic expression, as the ultimate skills for a woman to live and work with true success.

This programme, Journey Back To You, is informed by my own personal and soul journey, and integrates many of the processes and tools I’ve discovered work for female clients in business who want to live and lead in the fullness of who they, what they stand for, and what they offer in the world. Click HERE for more about me and my credentials.

Here’s How Some Clients Have Benefited From Working With Mandy

Mandy has worked with me regularly over the last 3 years as a business and personal coach. She has outstanding interpersonal skills and is truly expert at coaching and facilitation.

Tracy Isacke

Silicon Valley Bank

I found working with Mandy an inspiration. I have huge regard for her insight, energy, integrity and ability to engender long lasting change in others.

Amanda Blacklock


I honestly believe that if I hadn’t worked with Mandy I wouldn’t be as assimilated or as happy as I am today.

Lisa Jazwinski



  • How much time will the course take each week?  Listening to or reading the weekly module and performing the activation takes around 30 minutes. Homework takes around 30 minutes. Each call is up to 90 minutes duration. All together, approximately two and half hours, although that can vary with how deep you want to dive into the learning content and the extent to which you participate in the optional homework activities.
  • Must I attend all calls? Participating each week is recommended if possible. The more calls you can come to the more you’ll get out of the course as each week builds on the last. In addition the group dynamic is more settled and conducive to trust and learning when there are the same people participating on a consistent basis.
  • I’ve never done a Zoom based course before, are they effective? Yes. Zoom is a video based learning environment and the gallery view cultivates a community feeling of us all being in a room together.
  • Do you offer refunds? No. Your registration is a commitment to the course.
Ready To Reclaim All That You Magnificently Are?

If you want to take the next step towards reclaiming all that you are, then book in a call with me to discuss joining The Journey Back To You Programme. I’m happy to answer any further questions you have and I’d love to connect with you.