Working with Mandy gave me a much better insight into my core values, motivators and behaviours. She provided tools to help me structure my thinking to define and create an exciting new role for myself within our business. I'm confident that many of the positive changes that Mandy has worked with me to affect are permanent and will deliver ongoing benefits to me professionally and personally. I found working with Mandy an inspiration. I have huge regard for her insight, energy, integrity and ability to engender long lasting change in others.

Amanda Blacklock

Global Marketing Director

Mandy has worked with me regularly over the last 3 years as a business and personal coach. She has outstanding interpersonal skills, is truly expert at coaching and facilitation, and has an incredible ability to allow the answer to be developed by you, knowing that you would never get to that answer without her skills! Through our work together I was able to create opportunity for a secondment to Ecuador via the non-profit Pronino, transfer from the UK to the US with work, and most recently find new ways to help transform corporate innovation initiatives!

Tracy Isacke

Managing Director

Through Mandy' s expert and practical supportive coaching style she has helped me enormously to reflect on my personal values and life aspirations. Her encouragement to think more holistically about my whole life plan has really helped me to prioritise what is important to me.

I am already experiencing a shift in mindset and seeing positive results.

I would highly recommend.

Thank you!

Dawn Jackson

Learning and Development and Engagement , Inclusion and Diversity Professional

My coaching experience with Mandy was incredibly liberating – showing me how every moment I can create the life I want. I began working with Mandy when I was starting a new business and finding it overwhelming and all consuming. Mandy was wonderful and very containing. She helped me to identify my values and build alignment with my ways of living and working, and with the business I was creating. Through the coaching I gained clarity and insight into what was important to me and revolutionised the way I spend my time and energy both at work and at home. I am very grateful for this as it has helped me become a happier, more integrated, less stressed person. I learned decision making tools which I still refer to today, built confidence to navigate the situation I was facing, spoke up in a difficult interaction, managed my boundaries and much more. Mandy also helped me to create a vision for my life and my future which was very exciting and I continue to be amazed at how that unfolds even today. Mandy’s enthusiasm, intuition, business sense and caring make her a wonderful coach with a lot of depth in what she has to offer.

Nicky Aylward

BSc (Hons) Physio, Mindful Health and Wellness

Mandy was hired to be my expatriation coach after my relocation from Canada to the UK. We had 4 sessions together which I found extremely beneficial. Mandy has expert knowledge of the subject material and was able to draw upon her own personal expat experience. Mandy listened to my concerns and put together a customised program that really got to the heart of my expatriation concerns. Our sessions were very focused and quickly our coaching moved beyond coping with the move and more about change management and creating a life plan. I think Mandy is a very talented woman and coach. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a life coach whether it be for personal or career. I honestly believe that if I hadn’t worked with Mandy I wouldn’t be as assimilated or as happy as I am today.

Lisa Jazswinski

Global Marketer

Mandy provided practical hands-on advice on how to approach my new role as team leader for 25 people.  This included advice regarding how to approach the role, key areas to look out for, how to motivate and deal with people and included advice on how to deal with both the top talent and under performing members of the team.  I found her insight and appreciation of the role extremely useful and her input set the role in a new perspective for me.  I took the advice on board immediately and have noticed the impact, not only within myself but also externally.

Johanne Arnesen

Team Lead, Corporate Finance

I went to Mandy for executive coaching when I was taking on a new role. The reason that I chose Mandy is because of her excellent grasp of both the “hard” side of business (finance, etc) and the “soft” side (people, emotions, etc). I really appreciated Mandy’s help in clarifying a number of issues and choosing my path forward. I would not hesitate to use her services again.
Cate Newnes-Smith


There are definitely times in life when you reach a crossroads and things can go either way.  Redundancy can be devastating and frightening but, with the right support, can also be liberating and exciting.  I had never thought of using a lifecoach but then I met Mandy and with her help I worked out what success meant for me and what I really wanted to achieve for the future.  I was able to turn redundancy into a brave new start and 18 months down the line I’m still thankful that I took some time get a new perspective and make the right choices for me.

Ruth Carr

Marketing Consultant

I have worked with Mandy in her capacity as a member of a working group I run at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales (ICAEW) to help finance professionals back into the workplace after a career break. I always value her insights, intellectual rigour, thoughtful approach and clear thinking – as well as always enjoying her warm humour. I have also heard Mandy speak at an ICAEW event in her capacity as a coach and found her to be inspiring and would invite her
to speak again at future events.
Rhonda Martin

Regional Director, Board Member

Mandy has been an excellent support to me and members of my team during the last year. She helps individuals through her coaching skills to focus on the priorities and make sense of their problems. Mandy is excellent at facilitating sessions, she brings structure and generates quality output which she allows follows up on.

Lorraine Stone

Head of B2B Marketing

Mandy coached me at a time when I was considering a significant change in my working arrangements / life. The value she added was that in every meeting she stress tested my perceptions of the situation and what was possible, helping me to develop ideas that were outside my current realm of thinking, to see new and different possibilities, and always to pin down actions that I would take to progress the situation. On a number of occasions I went into a session with Mandy feeling stuck and immobilised and came out feeling hopeful, energised and with a clear sense of how to move forward. The result of all this? I successfully renegotiated my working arrangements and now feel they are much more closely aligned to what is important to me in the whole of my life.
Matthew Gregory

UK Head of Learning and Development

My coaching with Mandy was rewarding and productive, and I remain impressed by her ability as a coach. Mandy takes a very holistic approach to coaching, recognising that what happens in one area of my life directly impacts all other areas. One key issue can not be addressed without looking at the other parts of my life, and in this regard she worked effectively with me, recognising the layers and connections of the many facets of my life. She challenged me to answer the hard questions (something I was loathe to do independently) and encouraged me to do the real work I needed (and continue to need) to do in order to grow. I developed a greater understanding of my current situation–the real hard choices and the challenges–and was able to begin defining the personal and professional goals and objectives that I wanted to achieve and what I needed to do to reach them.  Mandy lives the principals that she uses in her coaching and it is evident in everything that she does. She is approachable and supportive, deeply honest and intuitive, challenging and open-minded. Her energy and focus eminates from her very being and shapes each of our conversations. She served as a trusted guide to lead me through a path of exploration to move forward and begin to achieve the state of being that I strive to achieve. And to this day, Mandy remains a trusted and valuable resource as I continue my journey of discovery through each stage of my personal and professional life.

Rebecca McGinley

Managing Director & COO

Mandy’s ability to read people is one of her key strengths. She combines being a thoroughly nice person with a ‘steeliness’ and determination. She is dynamic but with a measured style.

Rachel Campbell

Global Head of People, Performance and Culture

During the 6 months of working with Mandy she helped me understand that I am an essential part of the management team and that there is great value in me focussing on my leadership skills and gaining clarity over what I wanted from my career. She asked me the right questions which lead me to solid decisions and answers. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Mandy.

Rachel Tucker

Account Director

Mandy has an excellent coaching style. She is excellent at creating a few hours of clarity in which to explore and examine problems and ideas. Our sessions were always productive and I found them invaluable in helping me tackle both simple and complex challenges in my work place and career in general.
Chris John


Mandy has very strong listening skills and a non judgemental approach to help solve personal and business issues. She is able to grasp very quickly the essence of complex situations. Her approach is always professional, yet very empathic. She has the rare ability to easily gain everyone’s respect, regardless of position, gender or nationalities. Mandy’s coaching provides new frames of references that help reflection and ultimately lead to action plans. She helps put problems in perspective by providing new angles and bases of thoughts. She challenges one’s own appreciation of facts and situations. Her style is surprisingly structured when dealing with soft issues. She has the remarkable ability to quickly help you focus on the right questions, eliminating artificial concerns. Mandy’s approach is global and does not simply concentrate in solving career issues, but instead concentrates on analysing one’s life in general. She helps link career issues to other parts of one’s life and ultimately helps identify what are one’s true sources of motivation and fulfilment. After discussions with Mandy, I often have found myself quickly reaching conclusions and being able to make difficult decisions with the certainty that I was doing the right thing.

Evelyne Dube

Managing Director, Private Funds

I first met Mandy when I joined the Corporate Finance team where she was Team Leader. Even before she became my Coach Mandy’s innate coaching capabilities were evident.  Her capacity to listen and ask incisive questions helped me to consider my issues in their totality and understand the linkages between them. Mandy cuts to the chase. Through her coaching the fog seemed to lift from over complex situations enabling me to see an effective way through. My subjective views were ‘cleansed’ and with Mandy’s help I was able to look at my issues objectively and clearly.  Mandy was instrumental in helping me focus and make important decisions comfortably and confidently in the knowledge that they were the right solution for me at that moment in time. Although the choices I made were not always the easiest, Mandy was very supportive and is a part of what I am today. She will no doubt be a part of what I will become tomorrow.

Pierluigi Lega

Corporate Finance Director

Mandy has worked alongside me in several guises: as a coach, a facilitator and strategist.  The theme that runs throughout all of her roles is her professionalism and results orientated approach.  As a personal coach she was supportive, non judgemental, and intuitive.  She achieved an excellent balance of both active listening and proactive questioning, knowing when to gently guide, and when to challenge, in order to enable me to achieve my long term goals.

As a strategist, she brought an excellent depth of understanding and analysis to bear to ensure her balanced and thorough approach brought best results for the business. And as a facilitator she has an excellent ability to ensure all in the room are engaged and are able to add value to the discussion.

Sara West

Associate Director, Corporate Finance

As her supervisor during her coach training in 2002, I recognised Mandy’s natural talent in her very first coaching practice session and she has gone on to develop this talent into a professional skill, which she has added to her already considerable knowledge and experience in education, business and consultancy. Mandy is confident and articulate and has a natural, easy rapport with her clients, coupled with an instinct for getting to the ‘core’ of an issue. In the coaching sessions I had with Mandy at the end of her training, I found she was quickly able to help me clarify my thinking, move forward and create lasting change. She is skilled at listening, uses incisive and perceptive questions to help her clients focus on setting timed goals and gaining real insights and has a positive attitude which encourages and reinforces her clients’ achievements.

Val Duschinsky

UK Head of Accreditation, European Coaching Institute