The focus of my work in the world right now is supporting and guiding professionals to initiate and embrace change, in their work, their life, society and the world, with ease. Change is an inevitable and natural part of life and yet what many of us do not realise is that our experience of it can be easy or hard. Understanding this gives us choice over which doorway of change we head towards, making all the difference in the experiences that follow. 

Let me guide you to steer change the more enjoyable and easy way.

From there the possibilities are endless.

  • Are you going through an uncomfortable transition right now where the old no longer fits and you’re not sure where or what the new is?
  • Do you feel frustrated and upset with yourself that this time you can’t seem to push through like you have before?
  • Deep down can you feel the pull of the new calling you into a fuller, more heart centred and alive phase of your life?

I’ve been through these things and would love to share my story with you and show how it has shaped the woman I am today and how central it is to the work I now do. My hope is that my experience inspires you to move through your transition in a trusting and easier way knowing that there is the possibility of a more authentic expression of you waiting with open arms on the other side. An expression that is clearer on who she is and what she has to offer the world. Change starts within you. Let’s go there!

Imagine for a moment how your life would be if you knew how to initiate and navigate change with more flow rather than struggle and more kindness towards yourself rather than criticism, and through this uncover more about who you truly are and what you need so that the change you are going through can be a portal to a wonderful, fulfilling and aligned new beginning that is really you.

I have a vision for you. A vision of you initiating and embracing change with the kind of ease that can only be generated by a deep connection to yourself and others. This connected way of experiencing change offers you stability, confidence and presence and takes you right to the heart of who you are to allow your fullest most authentic expression to blossom as you move into the new.

My deeper vision and passion is to create a world where this connected way of experiencing change is embedded in the very fabric of our society. Each of us has a key role to play in this vision because without us it cannot happen. We are all Change Makers. We show the way. By responding to events within and around us with love we can create ease and expand a higher intelligence into the darkest of places. Through our loving presence together we change the world.


My dance with change began in the same way as for all of us. I was born into this world. Whilst I can’t consciously remember the event I’m pretty sure it was a shock for my system. Fast-forward 49 years and here I am now focussing my work entirely on the arena of change. And I’ve an abundance of experience to draw on. Both in my own life and through the adventures I’ve been lucky enough to go on with my mentoring and workshop clients.

My change headlines include living in 20 homes, diving into 6 different careers and setting up my own business by the time I’d reached 36 years of age. Relationships with men changed often too. I was living the life of a fluid and fast paced change lover who relished new experiences, took charge and made things happen.

Then a few years into my forties I crashed.

Life presented me with a rush of events outside my control. The big stuff. Personal health issues, bereavement, a relationship ending. And, for good measure, there was an inner crisis going on at the same time as these outer events. The kind of inner crisis a 44 year old single woman of non-mother status might go through. The result of this chaotic scenario saw me coming back to who I really was at such a rate of knots that there was an almighty crash.

It took me three months to adjust post crash.

I can chuckle now looking back as three months wasn’t nearly enough time to settle into this new place of centre that I felt had been thrust upon me. But I had a business to run, very little financial leeway and an instinct to survive that was still pulsing strongly.

So whilst I didn’t take enough time out everything changed.

Yes it was a very difficult time for me but I also saw the gift in it and viewed the crash as an opportunity to take stock. I noticed how reactive and busy I had become and was curious about the superwoman persona I had adopted. When and why had that snook in? In response to my new awarenesses I allowed myself to be more vulnerable with others and more loving towards myself, focussing on slowing down, creating more of a rhythm in my life and reconnecting with the meditation practise I’d let slip. In short I stopped my relentless ‘doing’ and started to ‘be’ more. I listened deeply to my body. I paid more attention to my breathing and the way I moved. I paid more attention full stop! I reflected how far I’d walked in a direction away from who I really was. So I began to consider what truly mattered to me and how I wanted to live my life. I learned ways to express that went beyond the thinking mind, in the process discovering I loved painting, dancing and poetry and that I could read and work with energy.

I also made friends with my super-active inner critic and helped that part of me soften and let go of unhelpful strategies. I saw that with my super-active inner critic in charge I was never enough and hadn’t been acknowledging and claiming all my amazing talents. In particular she hadn’t been able to acknowledge my future thinking visionary abilities and the reality that I was often ahead of the curve in my foresight. I remember taking a discussion paper to a global bank in 2007 about Wellbeing At Work. My ideas and intuitions were dismissed as lacking evidence, idealistic and of no value to organisations. Ten years on I see clearly that pioneering ideas necessarily lack evidence and the only thing truly lacking had been my self-belief. My intuitions and visionary tendencies showed up on other occasions too but pre crash I didn’t claim this aspect of myself or acknowledge my talent.

Post crash I can see it, say it and mean it. I am a visionary woman. I can also know that it matters.

Post crash my love of change also continues. But it’s different now. Like all true love, it has deepened and grown over the years. The way I loved change in my invincible 20s and 30s is different to the way I love it now as I approach my 50 year landmark, aware of both the joyful fullness and the fragility of life, my own vulnerabilities and my masteries too, and the need for an authentic foundation from which to allow change to unfold and real transformation to occur. That foundation has both inner and outer aspects. But it starts inside. And it starts with love. I didn’t realise when I was going through the toughest period of my life that my experience was shaping me and showing me the fundamental aspects of an approach to navigating change that I now call LOVING CHANGE. An approach which is continually teaching me and guiding my work and an approach which I feel called to share with the world.


I’d really love to hear your story. Where are you right now?

Are you willing to let life show you how to become your fullest most authentic expression? Are you willing to create a new beginning in a loving gentle way? Are you willing to step into your potential as a visionary woman?


My credentials span many worlds.

The worlds of coaching and mentoring (business, professional, personal, soul), somatic embodied presence (that means getting into your body and out of your head), workshops for groups, boards and teams in business, mindful living and conscious breathing, behavioural skills and transitions training. All of these are really about transformation and have set me up nicely to support and guide women like you in creating and navigating change.

The worlds of accountancy, corporate finance, sales and consulting. These laid a strong foundation for my understanding of business and the corporate environment. So if you are immersed in your work and organisational land rest assured I get it.

The world of teaching maths to 11-18 year olds. This was my first job post university and also my first voyage into truly understanding the huge impact of mind-sets on results (I heard “I can’t do maths miss” so many times). I was inspired to begin my work of shifting “I can’t” to “I can”. This work continues today.

The worlds of poetry, creative writing, energy and the bigger picture. These reflect my interest in the imagination, the expansive nature of reality and my lifelong journey of getting to know the love and divine spark within me and within the heart of every single one of us.

All of these worlds inform my approach and allow me to draw on a wide range of pioneering tools involving awareness, intention, attention, inspired action, mind-set alignment, body intelligence, energy management and re-organisation, conscious breathing and the simple power of choice as I meet my clients where they are and support their unique transformation.

Formal qualifications include:

Life Coaching Accreditation, Business Practitioner of NLP, Energetic NLP to level 4, Torbert’s Leadership Development Framework and Margerison-McCann Team Management System Practitioner, 8 Week Mindfulness Training, Chartered Accountancy ACA, Corporate Finance Diploma, First Class Maths Degree and a PGCE in Maths. If some of these mean nothing to you and you are curious please don’t hesitate to contact me here.


I love to write, read, have gorgeous connecting conversations, walk in nature and feel the wonder, transition and rhythm of all things. These things inspire me. They also nourish and rejuvenate me. They support me in being the fullest expression I can be.


Are you willing to let life show you how to become your fullest most authentic expression? Are you willing to create a new beginning in a loving gentle way? Are you willing to step into your potential as a visionary woman?


Drop me a line here. I'd love to hear from you.