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  • Are you a woman in business going through an uncomfortable transition right now where the old no longer fits and you're not sure where or what the new is?
  • Do you currently feel frustrated and upset with yourself that this time you can't seem to push through like you have before?
  • Deep down can you feel the pull of the new calling you into a fuller, more heart centred and alive phase of your work and life?

Over the past 25 years I’ve coached, mentored and facilitated thousands of people in transition – leaders entering a new life-phase, entrepreneurs setting up business, senior executives leading through change, team leaders mobilising new teams, international talent living in a new country, mums returning to work, small business owners moving to the next level in their business, legal experts shifting gear to become partners at their firms.

All of these people, deep down and beyond the many practical aspects to take care of in transition, were courageously turning towards an invitation for growth, awakening and transformation, sometimes through choice, sometimes through necessity, as they crossed the threshold into the unknown and explored the potentials and possibilities awaiting.

As my client, I hold you in the highest regard and I don't believe in fixing or improving you because you definitely do not need fixing or improving. Nor do I believe I know what’s best for you. Only you know that. We work together in such a way that you learn how to build a strong stable inner foundation for your inspiration to flow and transformation unfold. We design ways of aligning with your highest potential future. We dissolve the resistance that shows up as you move to action. It is powerful work!

I do this work through 1:1 private mentoring, group programmes, retreats, and public speaking.

Over the past couple of years I've been pulling all my change experience and knowledge together into a radically different approach to change that is more in line with what we individually and collectively need right now in our rapidly evolving world.

The approach is based on love, compassion and appreciation, results from joy, ease and flow, and you being fully and gloriously you!

Does this appeal?

Let’s embark on this journey of conscious, resourceful and loving change together.

Some Of The Ways We Can Work Together


1:1 Mentoring Packages for women in business who want to accept the invitation of midlife transitions to wake up, claim themselves and pioneer new and more fulfilling ways of living and working.

Learn how to navigate change through deep inner connection, awareness and alignment, so that you can make choices for your future that are truly right for you.


A transformational 10 week online group programme for busy over-stretched professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners who have lost themselves in the relentless demands of an ever changing external environment. 

Embark on the most radical transition of all, the one back to you. Learn how to reclaim yourself, get back on track and express more joyfully in the world. 


An annual retreat for soulful female leaders who want to gift themselves the breathing space to deeply re-connect to who they are and what they are called to in their one precious life.

In a supportive nurturing environment learn to recognise and break free of the ties that bind you and claim fully the leader and the woman you are.

Here's how some former clients have benefitted from working with me.

Working with Mandy gave me a much better insight into my core values, motivators and behaviours. She provided tools to help me structure my thinking to define and create an exciting new role for myself within our business. I'm confident that many of the positive changes that Mandy has worked with me to affect are permanent and will deliver ongoing benefits to me professionally and personally. I found working with Mandy an inspiration. I have huge regard for her insight, energy, integrity and ability to engender long lasting change in others.

Amanda Blacklock

Global Marketing Director, GSK

Mandy has worked with me regularly over the last 3 years as a business and personal coach. She has outstanding interpersonal skills, is truly expert at coaching and facilitation, and has an incredible ability to allow the answer to be developed by you, knowing that you would never get to that answer without her skills! Through our work together I was able to create opportunity for a secondment to Ecuador via the non-profit Pronino, transfer from the UK to the US with work, and most recently find new ways to help transform corporate innovation initiatives!

Tracy Isacke

Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank

Through Mandy' s expert and practical supportive coaching style she has helped me enormously to reflect on my personal values and life aspirations. Her encouragement to think more holistically about my whole life plan has really helped me to prioritise what is important to me.

I am already experiencing a shift in mindset and seeing positive results.

I would highly recommend.

Thank you!

Dawn Jackson

Learning & Development and Engagement, Inclusion & Diversity Professional, ICBC Standard Bank Plc

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